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10 Recording Hours For $200

The best $200 you will ever spend. Record as many songs as you can in 10 hours. Let us help your musical addiction as well as create a potential chart topping hit.

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Is 16 Enough?

Posted by Artiz Anonymous On 4:29 PM 0 comments
Inspired by hip hop heavyweights Rick Ross and Andre 3000. AAMG Studios will be staring a series called Is 16 Enough. Where underground rappers will spit a freestyle or a verse @ the house of AAMG (similar to  Rap City's the Basement) and will just have to wait and see if 16 is enough. Stay tuned for updates

Best Rapper Alive

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One of the hottest concept tees I've ever seen

The "Best Rapper Alive" t shirt by the Kool Kamp

money tree

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New Hip Hop Artist

Posted by Artiz Anonymous On 12:31 PM 0 comments
Check out this new hip hop artist... he's the real deal

Cute Baby Singing Keri Hilson

Posted by Artiz Anonymous On 11:22 AM 0 comments
You gotta see this!!!

Cute Baby Singing "Pretty Girl Rock"

We're Back!

Posted by Artiz Anonymous On 9:18 AM 0 comments
We've been on a hiatus for quite sometime, but we're back and will be updating the blog on a more consistent basis... Stay tuned to see what we have in store this summer!!!

And check out this video on making Beats

"Life in Da Lab"

Posted by Artiz Anonymous On 8:19 AM 0 comments
Been really busy (recording, making beats, mixing, etc) so we haven't really had a chance to get to edit some of the great footage from our sessions (AA meetings), but it will be well worth the wait... working on an epic theme song right now!


Recording Studio in Fort Lauderdale - 10/hrs 4 $200